Thursday, October 06, 2011

Keepin' it real:

A homeschooler's morning: A paper/book/writing utensil explosion, children who don't know how to sit on chairs, girls still in their jammies, and a mostly drained mug of coffee.

J can't stand this table. At the end of the day I usually try to make some tidy piles of all of these things so it's not so messy looking but it really looks like it is: a mess that's been piled up instead of put away. J has also suggested we use the kitchen table instead but I just can't do it. Many times while Hannah and I work on something the boys are snacking at the kitchen table and I detest food mingling with books and papers. To be perfectly honest, this table makes me happy. It's next to my cute hutch filled with my favorite pretty things and a plenitude of wonderful things have been learned on this table. Now if I could just get my dear husband to see it that way! :)