Saturday, July 25, 2009

Never Under Estimate...

A Sanity-Saving Trip to Ikea.

We filled up the van with all the cheap, Swedish goodness we could buy with a good conscience, including that rug which we got in the As-Is section for more than 50% off. I still can't find what is wrong with it. Go us! And we finally broke down and bought the kiddos a children's table. We figured, you know, we have three now, so...anyway.

And above is a random picture of Phillip because, well, why not? He's been diggin' the exersaucer that my grandma bought for Hannah. So again, more third-child goodness. He loves to hangout in the backyard in there while we water. And do you see behind him the car in the background? We are de-cluttering. That sucker is for sale. It's been good to us, Lord knows. I hope she never gets stolen again. Goodbye Rhonda Honda! I'll always love you...
And here you have what you can get at a thrift store for ten bucks, providing endless entertainment for the fam. James and I put the puzzle together. The Sunset books are perfect for help with our gardening endeavors and I just love Sunset. Ever since I can remember, my parents have had a subscription to the magazine. And that other book, Everybody Needs a Rock, is just a gem. Here's what you do if you want your kids to leave you alone for five minutes so you can fold some laundry and refill your husband's depleted sock drawer:
Read the book.
Tell your kids to go outside and find their very own special rock.
Refill sock drawer. You rock.
Now, go to Ikea, if you can. If not, at least you can tell your kids to go rock hunting.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's mid-July isn't it? Hannah's been swimming every morning at her lessons and I think our goal of having her swimming this summer is about 80% attained. She has her last lesson tomorrow and after two weeks of having to be somewhere everyday, I feel like I just found a routine. And that routine didn't involve much blogging. So here's what we've been up to the last month or so.

In June, when the weather was beautiful and mild, Jason and I attended his uncle's wedding. It was on a harbor cruise in Long Beach. Phillip got to come along for the ride. It was a "Hawaiian Attire" affair and Jason went to thrift store and found this shirt, which if you know that my husband wears a gray shirt pretty much everyday, this would make you chuckle. It ended up being a fine purchase because just a month later we had another party to go to with the same theme. My dress happened to be thrifty as well because I've owned it for at least 8 years, which is amazing because I bought it at one of those cheap teeny bopper stores, and I am stunned it hasn't fallen apart after all this time. Hooray for being frugal!
Friday nights have recently been designated S Family Game Night. H has lots and lots of games, and so often she'll ask to play and J and I are busy doing something else, or we just plain don't feel like it. In an effort to not be boring parents who are always putting stuff like that off, we have started this tradition and it's been really fun. The kids really look forward to it.
For the 4th we stuck close to home and walked to the parade our city has in the morning. They were so excited to wave their flags.

Here are J, Phillip, and my pop.

Phil is getting to be so jolly (and tubby). He makes us all swoon when he smiles.

We've got loads to be thankful for. The past several weeks we've been on a roller coaster ride with ideas and schemes of trying to move, not move, add on, not add on, and on an on. Be glad I spared you all of that on this blog. If you are my real-life friend, sorry I didn't, and please forgive me. For now, we are staying put and making do, and being grateful for what we have. I just read this passage in Molly Sabourin's book Close to Home:

It's nuts around here-I've had four hours of sleep, the children are all bickering, no one is pleased about my dinner plans, and there is a fork in the road, two paths to choose from: resentment or the illogical thankfulness found only in relation to the Kingdom of heaven. Spiritually, emotionally, physically stay in the thick of it, and find Christ-designing the daily ups and downs that will most effectively strip me of the longing to be anywhere but in His presence. It's not always pretty, but today I'll take authentic purpose over fleeting glamour, and pray tomorrow for the strength to do the same.

Been there? I'm having a beautiful day so far, but these days do come. I'm going to strive for the thankful road myself and be at peace.

God bless you and thanks for reading my blog!