Monday, May 24, 2010

Seven Years

Today is our anniversary. As I type, my beloved is constructing a raised bed for a veggie garden in the back yard. A celebratory pork tenderloin is presently being smoked to perfection, a potato salad awaits dressing in the fridge, and plans for a homey, cozy evening are eagerly anticipated. After we tuck our kids in their beds (except the night-owl baby) we intend to sip on adult libations, watch Season 5 of Ballykissangel of which I do believe the postal worker just slipped into our mail box. We will enjoy our smoked gouda and crackers, try our best to not spill wine on the white carpet, and take great comfort and joy in knowing we still love each other best, and wish only to continue the good thing started seven years ago today. There's no one in the world I'd rather be with, fight with, love, admire, annoy, get old with, have adorable blond babies with, or veg on the couch and watch a show that no one else would want to watch with. God grant us many more years together!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Home Tweet Home

Ten Little Delights:

1. I love living in hills again. It's just pretty to see hills all around.

2. LOTS of singing birdies. It's tweet tweet tweet all the time.

3. Three toilets. O happy day!

4. We've walked to church twice now. And the future may hold some walking to the local shopping as well. Ice cream stroll, perhaps?

5. A play room!

6. Lots of university students for neighbors...may be slightly rambunctious but very polite, and nice to see always walking around. It feels like a very safe neighborhood.

7. Hannah has her very own girly girl room.

8. Baby Phillip has mastered the stairs...I've been freaking out the past few days, but I'm just starting to be able to relax. He slithers down them backwards like a wiggle worm.

9. The house seems slightly cuter to me after we've moved in. Lots of funny eyesores here though...what else is new? ;-)

10. We are being very good about enforcing our cleanliness rules: No eating anywhere but the kitchen and the back yard and regular mopping.

Pictures and more later. I'm settling for dial-up right now so that could take all day. I just don't wanna fork out the dough for fiber optics just yet and our local phone company doesn't offer regular DSL here. Kinda bummed about that. What to do?

Have a wonderful day!!