Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If I were on Facebook,

These would be my status updates:

This week, my lenten cleaning goal is to scrub the grout on my kitchen floor. Boooooo!

I keep seeing neighbors going for walks and enjoying the beautiful weather, which makes me feel inspired, but the thought of pushing my already huge self up hills, while pushing two big boys in a stroller stops me.

Presanctified Liturgy tonight...I neeeed it.

I had a dream last night that my baby's foot was protruding so far, just beneath my first ribs, my godmother and I could see it. My godmother thought this was hilarious. I thought it worrisome. And then I woke up.

Phillip's godfamily is coming to visit tomorrow....And they're bringing homemade Eritrean food with them. Have you ever had Eritrean food? Well you should. I urge you to.

34 weeks today! Or was it yesterday? Who cares? I'm almost done! Or should I say, she's almost done! ;)

But I'm not on facebook right now. I feel somewhat detached. But more industrious. And more likely to play with my kids. So it's all good, right? Right.

The iconography in our new church temple (mom took this picture with her sweet new camera.)

ETA - Boy that grout sure did show me who's boss. I think it's gonna be a three-parter.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


You should know this about me:

I'm a painfully slow learner

I dread trying new things (besides eating new things)

I get exasperated and frustrated extremely easy

I often give up

But a goal was set and I wrote it down, and gave myself some accountability. So we watched the Singer dvd, and paused, and went back 48 times, and yelled at the lady for going too fast. Hurdle number 1 was actually finding the beginning of the the thread. I could have totally just given up right there. I called Maria - she helped! We threaded the bobbin. The boys tried to not touch the sewing machine. Hannah gave me encouraging words. We threaded the machine and needle. (BTW Mom, I think that auto needle threader is broken.) But we persevered. I overcame my helplessness and indifference today. We sewed! And it was kinda fun. Thank you very much.

*taking a bow*

Well then. Now we're spending the rest of the day in our cozy, messy house. A fort is in my living room, the sky is gray, and noses are being constantly wiped. And now I shall have tea time. Red raspberry leaf, if you 'd like to know. :)

And today is one of those days I'm not gonna clean until at least half an hour before Daddy comes home. Also, in my Real Simple magazine there is a whole article in there about procrastination. It said to do the worst thing first. Sewing. Done. And it wasn't so bad. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

chirp, knit, paint, draw, stir, pray!

So far, the second week of Lent has been just gorgeous. The weather has been balmy and warm, the birds are-a-chirping, and we seem to be falling into a lovely new routine. Less tv, less distraction, less junk food - more Jesus. Like our priest said, "We say no to ourselves, so we can learn to say yes to Jesus."
So in the less, we've received more. I've taken on knitting again and learned how to bind off (ok -re-learned to bind off) and most excitedly, I learned how to add another color yarn. Hannah and I have been playing with a little cross-stitch project, and I even have a project all ready for us to learn how to sew. We've been busy with all kinds of craftiness.

As for reading, I'm over half done with The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios. I was pretty ignorant of Hinduism and Eastern religions/philosophies besides some non-religious yoga for exercise so it's been an enlightening read. Some of the experiences the young man shares are down right creepy! It' not always the best thing to read before bed. But then I remember to make the sign of the cross and I can sleep in peace. :) The Elder Paisios is so captivating, and his love, care and patience for the young man so beautifully reflect the love of Christ Himself. Through his example I can see my own lack of love and grace. God help me, in my deficiencies.

My plan was to also read A Tale of Two Cities, but a hefty late-fee at the library has prevented me from going back to borrow. Some late movies and a missing Star Wars book really added up. Woops. Not a fun way to spend 25 bucks. So maybe later this week I'll pay up and be allowed to return as a welcome library patron, and get my next read on.

My pregnancy is going well. I'm feeling pretty good, though I'm starting to feel like even more of a home-body than I already am. Some friends at the park yesterday mentioned a trip to the Aquarium, to which I said, "I just really don't like the Aquarium. It's boring." But really anything right now, which does not involve a nearby couch, I feel an aversion to. It could have been the pregnancy talking. Or not. Ask me again in like, 8 months.

The kids are all doing well, thank God. After a couple months of seemingly unrelenting colds and illness, we are gratefully enjoying good health again. Hannah continues to do well with her lessons, and is happy to draw and read and sing all day (when she's not fighting with her brothers). James (when he is not pestering his siblings) has been learning to color in the lines - a novel idea! He continues to be my social butterfly and makes friends wherever he goes. He's especially sociable in his church Sunday school class where he and his little buddies have become quite the disruption. Phillip is growing and talking much more. He copies everything we say, including our scoldings of the other two kids. So immediately after we tell James, "James - that is NOT ok!" Phillip says, "Naje, NOT oh ay!"

Also, regarding Phillip, I am no longer the potty training champion of the world. We gave it a stab last week. Phillip sat on the potty for a good 15 minutes only to get up, walk to the play room and pee on the floor. FAIL. He just won't do it. After getting all worked up and angry at myself, I thought, why am I doing this? Is it the end of the world if we wait a little longer? Nope. So we're gonna come back to that another time. Hopefully before he goes to college.
In other failure news: Last night's soup was gross. I made a recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance for Corn Chowder. Jason said it was OK with lots of Tapatio. I thought it was just plain gross and too sweet. Hannah actually ate hers (because she was so hungry) but the boys barely touched theirs. I'm glad I had toasted some bagles and sliced some avocado. If I ever attempt it again, I think I'll half the corn, double the potatoes, omit the teaspoon of maple syrup and add roasted garlic. This time, I also made the recipe in my crockpot and ran it through the blender to make it more smooth, but I don't think that changed the flavor much.

So far the hits for vegan meals in our house are:

Veggie sandwiches
Big Middle-Eastern Salad with cous cous and chickpeas and lemon garlic dressing
Sunday's shrimp kabobs with cous cous (not vegan but lenten nonetheless)
potato tacos
mexican rice and bean burritos with guacamole

God bless your 40 days!