Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And for my mother:

" Tanks Gamma for the candy apple you give me to take home. I open it in da car. It was wully good."

It's Been a Long Time Daybook

For the afternoon of Nov. 17

Outside my window...A really lovely day. It's in the 70's, breezy, sunny.

I am thinking...I should probably announce on my blog that I'm 14 weeks pregnant - since everyone else knows and all.

I am thankful for...Oh there is so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for (so far) a nice and healthy pregnancy. I saw this little baby via ultra sound a couple of weeks ago. That is one experience that doesn't get old. You just sit there and swoon and the little baby moving around inside. And then there are the little blessings that follow - I needed to wean Phillip, which I was dreading but was motivated because OUCH. I give major props to moms who nurse their toddlers throughout their pregnancies. I cannot hang. Anyway I didn't feel to terrible about it since, this was in fact, the longest I've ever gone nursing. He'll be two in February. I'm done feeling dramatic about it. So YES. I am thankful that it was much easier than I expected.

Also, I had gotten rid of/given away pretty much all my maternity clothes and was very blessed to receive it back plus a friend's whole stash and then, another friend of mine found another collection for me. Hooray - I will not have run out and buy a bunch of clothes!

From the learning rooms...Last night was Hannah's Back to School night for her Charter. Her teachers all gushed about her, and so far, she's a straight A student. We're off to a better academic start than I had in the first grade. :P So school is going really well. We've got a good routine and we do math and language lessons everyday except the weekends and pepper in her other subjects. Besides it taking up lots of housekeeping time, homeschooling with the charter in which she goes to classes once a week has been a joy. The boys are happy to sing ABCs and practice 123s. I don't do anything very formal with them at all. Just lots of books and outside time.

From the kitchen...The Nativity Fast has begun. I've got black bean soup in the crock pot getting ready to be taken to tonight's church potluck.

I am wearing...My old favorite maternity jeans, someone else's striped top, slip on sneakers. I could technically get by in regular clothes, but they are starting to pinch a bit and are not so comfy anymore.

I am creating...This one gets me every time. I should just delete it. I'm not crafty, OK?

I am going...To pick up the girl soon. I can't imagine having to take and pick up kids from school EVERY DAY. This once a week thing is perfect. ;)

I am reading...Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I'm utterly sucked in to this series.

I am hoping...OK, so this will sound bad, but I am really hoping we have a girl this time. I know we get what we get and we get what we need but, boy would I love to buy some pink and give Hannah the sister she's been praying and begging for. But of course boys are delightful - I don't think we'll give it back if it's not a girl. ;)

I am hearing...My Pandora - right now? Mates of Sate "You Are Free" You are free eee eee eee! Oh and boys playing in the yard peering into the compost - the object of their fascination, and a washer and dryer doing their thing.

Around the house...I don't normally care but it does look like a frumpy rental. Wish I could warm it up a bit. Paint would help. Window treatments would really help. And new flooring. And a demo to the kitchen and bathrooms and just start over on those....Oh geez. I'd better not. I think I'll go back to being thankful we've got much more room than we ever had before. :)

One of my favorite things...A little long weekend getaway with my husband and kids. We went to Big Bear and drank in the fresh Fall air, admired the glistening lake, hung out in the jacuzzi, ate pancakes, visited an alpine zoo, and zipped down the alpine slides. A cabin is about a million times more comfy and relaxing than a hotel room when you've got little kids with you. I am very grateful for my dearest husband who made our trip possible.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Church, the park, Story of the World with friends, enjoying being back home caught up on laundry.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing

Phillip's first very own hot cocoa on our mountain getaway. This was the first day. And then the camera battery died. My bad.