Monday, October 12, 2009

Simple Woman

For Today...Monday

Outside my window...A cool, grey day is outside as well as my across the street neighbor's booties as they bend over to plant some bright yellow and red mums. It's kind of cute and I think a picture of them would make a delightful and humorous Autumnal greeting card. It could say "Happy Bottom " instead of Autumn. Or something like that.

I am thinking...About a friend's dad who passed away a couple nights ago - May his memory be eternal!

And - That the sleepy time tea I gave my kids did not work. They are bouncing off the walls. Literally. Bouncing.

I am thankful for...Hannah cleaning her room beautifully today, and not complaining, and even making her brother's bed for him. It's nice to look at that corner of the house and not be overwhelmed by it. I know I'm probably going to open a closet door or a drawer and find everything stuffed in there, but still.

From the learning rooms...Fun spelling drills on a white board, a reading game, introduction to reading words with -y endings, a field trip to a local, organic farm (so long as it doesn't rain), not reacting in anger (for all of us) and memorizing bible verses, poetry, and prayers.

From the kitchen...There's a chicken being roasted in my oven as we speak. It smells delicious. A trick I've learned to get very moist chicken is to stick celery into the cavity. Works every time. We will enjoy it tonight with roasted butternut squash, cheddar biscuits (although I've been planning on making these every week for three weeks, and still have not made them, so I'm not completely sure if I'll do them tonight, and some mixed green salad with a balsamic dressing. Tomorrow the bird will make us some Mexican Tortilla Soup.

I am wearing...Brown gauchos from three years ago, a thrifted turquoise hoody that someone bought from Nordstrom, and slippers.

I am creating...Dinner. Lesson plans. A blog post. I have a very small desire to break out knitting needles but I know it will end badly with frustration and nothing to show for it but a crooked scarf, so naaaah.

I am going...Absolutely nowhere today.

I am reading...Emma. I'm halfway through. This made me grin, "The weather soon improved enough for those to move who must move; and Mr. Woodhouse having, as usual, tried to persuade his daughter so stay behind with all her children, was obliged to see the whole party set off, and return to his lamentations over the destiny of poor Isabella; -which poor Isabella, passing her life with those she doted on, full of their merits, blind to their faults, and always innocently busy, might have been a model of right feminine happiness."

I am kid's mildly snuffly noses stay that way or just go away! Otherwise tomorrow's chicken soup will be coming right on time.

I am playing, dumping out toys.

Around the house...The front room is a complete disaster, the kitchen is OK, but if I don't get off here soon and unload the dishwasher it will turn into a mess very soon.

One of my favorite things...All the kids were in bed with me this morning. It was the epitome cozy, and what better way to start an overcast, relatively cold morning when there was no where to be and no one to see?

A few plans for the rest of the week: Playdates, a farm, no shopping (because my dear mom came over Friday and watched the kids for me while I got it done - Thanks again!), some church,

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

My Phillip. He is growing so big, and sweet. He pulls himself up and crawls swiftly, following me and his siblings around. We adore him. Slow down Philly. Can't you stay a baby a little longer? Even the all night nursing is tolerable because I know it won't last forever. Soon you'll be a little boy like James, tackling us, eating your boogers, torturing your sister, and mimicking your dad. We love you, you big, fat baby boy.