Thursday, June 18, 2009

8 Summer Things

1. Today the sun gave us a warning. It said it's back after all the cool days we've had and will begin to beat on us relentlessly for the remainder of the Spring and Summer and half of the Fall. The accompanying breeze today was lovely while it lasted.

2. This summer, we've got a salsa garden. We planted lots of tomatoes, some serranos, some anchos, and jalapenos. We had poor luck with cilantro last year so we didn't bother this time. The tomatoes are getting bigger and are a bright green with golden fuzz. I can't wait to slice them up and eat them warm from the garden with just a bit of salt.

3. Yesterday I tried on a maxi dress - see below. I looked ridiculous in it. And scandalous (thanks, Maria for the word that described it perfectly). And I will never try one on again. I could be way off on this but I think they must be for very tall, thin young women with small chests, or if they have large chests they don't mind looking scandalous.

4. My goals for summer: Hannah to be able to swim - lessons have been planned. James potty-learned - a little white potty is in my bathroom. Me - to read Scripture everyday. I've always been so hit and miss, reading much at a time and then almost none at all. Morning and evening prayers have become habitual, but I have a tendency to skip the daily readings and keep thinking I can get to them later once I get busy. I have made up my mind so I WILL make time for it. My priest once told me during Confession that praying but not reading is like having a relationship with someone that you constantly talk but do no listening. I don't want to be like that...especially with God! Lord have mercy.

5. I've been toying with the idea of chopping my hair off and sending it to Locks of Love. But I'm so torn because once I have short hair, I really have to do it every day or it poofs up and I look like a marshmallow head. My hair, though long, is very easy to deal with right now. I'm just hating it the most at night. It gets caught beneath my shoulder and I have to yank it out when I roll over.

6. Phillip is the cutest little rolly poly baby right now. He's fat just like the other two were at his age. He's full of big grins and lets everyone hold him and I do think he's rather therapeutic. I'm diggin on the oxytocin bursts he supplies me. Oh the love!

7. James is super cool. He's the funniest, most charming young fellow I've ever met. He's talking lots and still wakes me up for "Dodurt!" in the morning and thinks his brother, "Phoot cute". Yes he calls Phillip cute. He fights over toys with Hannah, likes to work around the house copying the antics of his daddy, and probably makes me laugh the most out of anybody in this world. And he's also terribly pious. He plays priest regularly (in case you haven't seen it already.)

8. Hannah is like rocky road ice cream. She may be as sweet as little girls can be, but she displays many of her mother's weaknesses and flaws. All my eye rolling and attitude has been passed down, unfortunately. However, she is extremely caring and sensitive. If someone is hurt, she is pained as well. She's bright and loves to be read to and to practice reading and writing. She spends her days on puzzles, drawing and coloring, making villages for fairies in the back yard, practicing ballet, dressing up and coming up with scenarios for us all to play along with her. She's also a big helper and will sit and entertain Phillip gently and with love. He looks at her with his bright eyes and I can see he adores her as he dances his limbs to her voice. I love how she can focus on something and practice it over and over again. She is much slower to become frustrated and quit than I am. I'm so glad to have a daughter, even when there is more drama involved than I have patience for. The two of us are on a little journey together as we both learn how to not flip out on each other. Her soft little face with her full cheeks and big blue eyes and all their dark-lashed fanfare brighten my days.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Simple Woman

Daybook for today

Outside my window...a very june-gloomy day. this has been the coolest june i can remember. it's been very nice and i'm trying to remind myself that it won't last and that we will roasting in just a couple of weeks.

I am thinking... i need to sign up H for swimming lessons

I am thankful for...making it to the gas station yesterday. i'm such a knucklehead - the evening before jason reminded me to get some gas in the morning because the tank was very low (i hadn't even noticed it driving home from a friend's bday party. anyhow i completely forgot the next morning and instead of driving straight away to the gas station i went to drop off some mail at the post office when DING! gaslight came on and i noticed the van suddenly not driving as well. after some slow driving and many ardent "Lord have mercy's" we made it. i was probably panicking way too much but it made very nervous, and jason would have not been very happy with me as he had already gave me a little "talk" about how it's really bad for the engine to be driven around like that. sigh. must remember to put on my brain before i leave the house.

From the learning rooms...breaking bad habits like falling on the floor when one is told she cannot do something she wants to do, or to do something she doesn't want to do. also, not being grabby. my two older ones really need to get that one down. also, hannah has been practicing writing by copying dictation from this fantabulous orthodox website. what a resource!

From the kitchen...this morning was sausage, eggs, and sweet sweet strawberries. tonight will be lasagna, caesar salad, garlic bread, and brownies for dessert.

I am jammies and slippers. cozy.

I am creating...well nothing. i'm thinking about creating something. i just don't know what. i've really been feeling like doing something creative, but i'm not sure what direction i want to go. i need something simple. like for dummies.

I am enjoy putting on clean sheets on our beds today. to help jason clean out our office area that has gotten so out of control. i hate paper piles. (and I know i sort of cultivate them, but this time i really think most of the mess is jason's, so there, mom) :)

I am reading...Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, (thanks again mimi) which I have just started. also, i've been thumbing through Basic Montessori by David Gettman. i like the idea of montessori, but i'm not sure it will be very practical in a small home setting.

I am get lots of laundry done today and have some time to read.

I am hearing...colored pencils being shuffled, and the sound of scissors snipping (james' new favorite pastime is snipping away at paper).

Around the's pretty tidy (for us, anyway), just have a big laundry pile.

One of my favorite little phillip sleeping in his cosleeper soundly. i turn a little fan on for white noise and the big kid's intermittent noises or screams don't seem to phase him.

A few plans for the rest of the week: well the week is over today. but church tomorrow, coffee hour, coming home to relax and hang with J before the work week starts all over again.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

this was shortly after phil was born. i just love the comparison of this picture and the one on the last post. no new pics today since J has the camera with him. darnit!