Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I wouldn't trade these people for anything...

One morning I heard Hannah talking to sweetly to someone in the bathroom. I could tell by the way she was speaking she was pretending to be a mommy and was giving encouraging instructions to some thing on how to use the potty. I snuck up on her and found her with her big bear on the toilet. She kept saying, "You can do it! You a big girl! Goo job!"
For Hannah's birthday, my grandma gave her a fairy book with pages that are puzzles. Every evening Hannah and Jason do one. It's their thing. I love watching them, and Hannah is getting pretty good at puzzles now.

Right now, Hannah is asleep and I'm steeling myself a moment with some crackers and an orange and berry smoothie I made. I'm also taking a brake from cleaning my disaster of a closet. So far I've filled up two large bags of clothes. I couldn't help but laugh at some of the things I've been holding on to for years. As if parting with a size 2 dress I haven't worn in years is the equivalent of forfeiting my identity. So I did some encouraging "self-talk."

"Now, Lauren, be brave. You don't need these teensy tiny pants anymore. Go ahead...Stick them in the bag. What a good girl! You did it!" (See where Hannah get's it?)

One thing I did do was, keep some smallish sized pants that I did fit in after I had Hannah. I bought them when I was at my most thin, after I had nursed for just over a year, started working out, and somehow stopped eating ice cream for a period of time. But I put them in the droor at the very bottom. The droor is strategically layered like this: On the bottom, the skinny jeans, next some normal jeans that I wore right before I got pregnant this time, then more loose jeans, getting bigger as I reached the top of the droor, with my post partum "mom jeans" that I can't stand but are oh so practical. And then, of course, my maternity jeans and pants are right at the top. I though this would be the least depressing way to ease back in to my regular clothes after I have this baby. If I never get to those "skinny jeans" I may never even know.

So, I'm almost done with my closet, and have to finish and get to the rest of the house decent. This closet project has been something I have been dreading, but I think it will be a kind of Valentine's Day gift to Jason. He loves it when I do that kind of stuff much better than any kind of present I could buy him. Well, back to work!


Blogger sara said...

Hannah is so sweet...what a good big sister she's going to make.

I have a rubbermaid tub similar to your bottom drawer. It's labeld "women's clothing - too big/too small." I rotate things in and out all of the time because you never know what will happen to those hips during childbearing years! Plus it's kind of like going shopping to dip in there.

Good job doing the closet...you are inspiring me to do mine. Although it may take a bit more inspiration!

1:41 PM  
Blogger Lauren S. said...

Hi Sara! I just realized I spelled drawer wrong the entire post. Aaah! My brain is shrinking!

I was just thinking I needed some rubbermaid tubs like that. So I'm pretty much done. Just have bags to get rid of, which for now means walking them out to the laundry room. It's actually raining pretty hard right now though. The laundry room - now there's a job that needs tackling!

BTW, is Basil missing a little blue car? We found it yesterday in Hannah's toys. :)

2:23 PM  
Blogger sara said...

You're funny...Basil may have left a car there but we have SO many cars, we haven't missed it :) Hannah can keep it! How's Bradley going?

1:44 PM  
Blogger Rebeca said...

I think that is one of the things all Mommies can relate to. I feel like I have so many clothes I never wear and I think it's partly due to the fact that I've changed sizes so many times in the last five years! I doubt I'll ever fit in my never pregnant pants, but I still have them! You're braver than some!

2:22 PM  

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