Monday, January 22, 2007

Pottery Barn Blue and Feeling Optimistic

We had a good, industrious weekend. Well, Jason had an industrious weekend while I colored and wached movies on the couch with Hannah. I kept asking Hannah if she wanted to go outside and she said, "No, too cold." I suppose for our area, the weather seemed more brisk than usual. The two of us went for a walk around the neighborhood, and that was the extent of being outdoors for us. Jason, finally having a free weekend worked on Hannah's room/office (we live in a two bedroom house). I think he's also feeling more motivated since we have a new little one on the way. When we first moved in, Jason got rid of all the cottage cheese on the ceilings. He redid the living room, but the two bedrooms have been neglected, leaving a very dull, displeasing gray on the ceilings, and we hadn't painted the rooms yet either. There is just so much other stuff to do, it wasn't a priority. But he mudded (mudding a ceiling is no small task) and took off the cheesy "crown moulding" that was put up by the previous owners and primed the whole room so we could say goodbye to the Pepto pink that it was before. I was thinking I would like a light green color, and that it would be good for a boy and a girl's room. Jason wasn't impressed with the paint chips I brought back and so I started looking through the Pottery Barn kids catalogue that was mysteriously sent to my house. I say mysteriously because I never shop there. It's much too expensive. And it doesn't really match our Ikea stuff, he he. But as I was looking at all the photos with greens paint on the walls, trying to convince Jason it would look nice, I came across one with a muted blue-gray paint and the textiles matched what I was going for with the blue, green and white crib bedding I already have from Hannah (we didn't know is she was going to be a girl or boy until she was born), and blues, pinks, and greens for some bedding I'd like to get Hannah for a big girl bed. And then I looked up at my ceiling in my living room. In our living room it is painted a blueish greenish gray, that I just love because it doesn't look drab at all and goes with everything, and we painted the ceiling a shade or two darker to make it appear as though the ceiling was a bit higher. I asked Jason if we had any of that paint left. And we did! So we painted the room with it and I am so happy with it, it looks much more blue in there than it does on the ceiling, but still quite subtle and just like the picture in the Pottery Barn catalogue. So hooray for leftover, free paint! I got some cute green curtains from Cost Plus on sale, and I'm feeling like our little house is finally becoming mine. I think with so much to do, I could never really decorate. This house has never felt like mine. It just always seemed like Jason's project that I had to live in.

The more I am placing some finishing touches on the walls, the less I sourly look down on the flooring which desperately needs to be replaced. But I can somehow live with it a bit longer. Today I am feeling thankful, refreshed, and optimistic. I'm even feeling more optimistic about giving birth. Faces are becoming more familiar and friendly at the new church too. So it is good to have a happier outlook at my circumstances - even if it's just for today. It's a blessing.


Blogger annie said...

I commented here a few days ago but it never showed up. Oh well. Anyways, good job on the creativiy using items you already own. I love it when I do stuff like that. I haven't painted in years. We rent and I just never both to put in the effort, plus we move way too much. I look foward to settling down somewhere and painting my walls.
Glad you are feeling good about things. Especially happy to hear you are more at home in your church. Happy Weekend!

1:49 PM  
Blogger Lauren S. said...

Hi Annie - I think the new google thing is a major pain. I can't tell you the times I have written out a comment to have it completely erased after I logged in. Very frustrating. I do not like it.

2:14 PM  

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