Monday, January 08, 2007

A bad day that ended well.

Yesterday, we had a perfect storm. It seems my pregnancy, emotional basketcase hormones peaked at the same time Jason woke up in a bad mood, not feeling well at all, and Hannah didn't feel 100% either because with the potty training, she didn't poop for three days, and was a grumpy, constipated child. We didn't make it to church. It was a pretty miserable day. A day that no matter what is said, comes out the wrong way, and is taken the wrong way. I learned that potty training is a bit draining as well, and is no fun when everyone is in a bad mood.

But, the day was not a complete failure. Because in the evening, Hannah, after getting stage fright at each attempt to poop on her potty, and even getting poop on the bathroom floor a couple inches away from her potty about an hour prior, sat down on her potty in the living room and left a couple glorious terds for us to admire. There was kissing, hugging, clapping, m&ms being distributed, and a grumpy family given a chance to forget everything that sucked that day, and to go to bed smiling and proud of each other.

So, our little girl is a big kid now. She's a pro at peeing in the potty already, and doesn't even wet her pull-up at night. We got her some princess, big girl panties that she wears proudly. I think the best thing for her was taking away diapers and pull-ups during the day. She had some accidents, but they taught her she dislikes having pee run down her legs. If I gave her a pull-up during the day at home, she would just sneak a pee in it. I think having her go completey diaperless avoided a mean power struggle that could have lasted a really long time. Diapers are now just not an option, and she gets it. So, yay. We did it! Now we have to work on using public restrooms and other people's houses. She did terrible at my moms house on Saturday while I was gone. So, if you have any experience with that, please advise!


Blogger Michelle said...

Good job, Hannah! I am so not looking forward to potty training at all. :)

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