Monday, November 20, 2006

Giving Thanks

Jason was off work last week, not really by choice. It's just how construction is some times. Jobs slow down, especially around holidays. He spent a couple days lazy, making calls about other jobs, couching it, catching up on daytime tv. But then he did some work around the house. He got rid of the hideous white picket fence in the front yard. It was done as cheaply as possible by the previous owners. We never really liked it. It made me curse on the days I would come home from Costco, trying to manuever life-time supplies of whatever around it. And the gate entrance closest to our door was situated adjacent to the house, where a longer-than-normal eve awaited my forehead. Another thing he took care of was getting new doors to cover up our water heater and small storage area underneath it. It's right next to the bathroom and Hannah could easily get into it and a number of times fiddled with the water heater's setting. I would be midshower freezing, unable to grasp why we had no hot water, when I realized she was letting our water heater go on Vacation. Jason also took us to Disneyland one day. It was really nice to have him around more often. Every day was a treat for Hannah to wake up with daddy there in the morning. They snuggled and took naps together. I'm so fond of my husband.

We went to church this weekend and they are giving classes during the time of the Eucharist for Catechumins and those intrested in the Church. We were kind of disappointed to leave, as we are used to that part of church and like it, even though we don't partake, but it was good to meet one of the Readers. After Liturgy, we went to venerate the Cross, a highlight for Hannah. She says "I wanna kiss cross," as soon as we get to the church. As we were standing in line, she said, "I want bread." Someone usually brings us some of the blessed bread, and that's another part of Liturgy she looks forward to. I told her to wait until after we kissed the cross, and we would get some at the door. She still said it about 10 more times. It was funny how thrown off we all get when our routine is changed. We all got over it though.

We get so settled, and as soon as we think we get the hang of something, and feel we are on autopilot, winds shift. I reallly felt we were getting ahead financially, and then Jason gets no pay for a week, right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. At first I feel bitter. But I need these times. The bitterness only lasts a short while, and eventually, I remember, this life is like a mist that disappears quickly. So appropriate to hear the Gospel this Sunday, St. Luke 12:16-21 about the rich fool who stores up his barns of earthly goods. It is hard to be more concerned with my soul than my checking account, the groceries, and Christmas presents, but it is possible.

So now I am being thankful. Thankful for our cozy home, a handy, good husband (who Glory to God is back to work today), a beautiful daughter who figured out how to ride her tricycle, an easy pregancy (so far), a dear family, enough food to eat, clothes to wear, a new church full of kind parishioners and friends. And much more.


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