Friday, November 03, 2006

A red gown, and other signs of the season...

Sometime this weekend I will be picking up this frou frou little number. (The dress, not the girl.) It's for the upcoming wedding I'll be a bridesmaid in, for a dear friend in January. Let's hope I can still fit my by then 6 month pregnant self into it. There was definitely extra "room" in there, but after holiday meals it's kind a gamble.

It just hit me how fast this wedding is coming and how soon Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here too. They always sneak up on me. I started knitting some scarves and while at Joanne's fabric store, I picked up a little crochet kit. I love the look of crochet but considering I had to have my knitting buddy give me private lessons for me, the slow and very visual learner, the fact that the hook was missing from the kit was most likely a sign from above that I should not take on any knew skills for now. Stick to what I know, sort of. But, my knitting goal this Christmas is to do something besides a scarf, and learn how to read a pattern.

My dear mom and I are going to collaberate for a project we saw at a scrapbooking convention last weekend. We saw a project using carbard booklets, vintage fabrics, and a grandmother's handwritten recipes. We are going to reproduce some of my dad's mother's (mamma's) recipes and make a book for each of her children and grandchildren's families. Mamma died of Alzheimers several years ago but we can all remember what a labor of love cooking was for her. She made wonderful Southern dishes, the best baked beans, pork chops, and pies. I think it will be a fun project, and I'd love to have a recipe book of her specialties. I'll be sure to post a finished project.


Blogger annie said...

what a pretty and fancy dress. how fun to get to wear a gown like that when you are pregnant!

1:38 PM  
Blogger alana said...

I was in a wedding around Christmas time when I was six months pregnant with my first. This was back in 1993 and my outfit was a straight red skirt and a hideosly unflattering jacket with a peplum skirt/tails combination. All the bridesmaids complained, but as pregnant as I was, I looked ridiculous.

Hope you look and feel beautiful! It's a pretty dress.

2:58 PM  

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