Friday, November 10, 2006

When all else fails, give her some lipgloss.

Any one who has ever spent some time with my daughter knows that she loves lip gloss and chapstick. She can sit and smear it all over her face 10 minutes at a time. About 5 times a day she says, "Mama, my chaptick! Where my chaptick?"

A panic fills the house as we look through the couch cushions, dump out contents of the diaper bag, and peer underneath tables.

But my daughter has found a new use for the tube of lipgloss I let her have since it makes my face look like I just saw a ghost. I snuck up on her painting her toes with it. She was very precise, hunched over and concentrating. She would say, "Oh no," or "Oh Gosh," when she painted outside of her nails. At times I'm amazed at her attention span, and how she insists on doing something over and over again until she masters it. I hope she carries this focus into adulthood.

Another thing I've noticed about her, is how she, like her dad must have everything in place to do the task they wish to do. Jason, for instance, is a wreck if he doesn't know where both the tv remotes are. He refuses to just go up the telivison and press the power button. Again, we must ransack the house to gain peace. Only once we find the remotes, can we enjoy an evening in front of the idiot box. Hannah had a similar experience last night. We were doing puzzles. We finished two and went on to the third when we realized the parrot was missing from the puzzle of petshop animals. Disaster. She couldn't possible do this puzzle without the parrot. The parrot was an integral piece, and must be found. So we found him, after 20 minutes I had to go looking through each storage cube in her room. As much as this trait is an annoyance to me, I admire it. I can be so lazy and scattered. If I lose something, I get on with my plans. I shrug my shoulders, only to feel upset about it later. Incomplete. I'm glad God put me with people who don't tolerate my tendencies and force me to care.


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