Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ugh, my hair

So, after the last somewhat depressing post, I realized that I am entering a bit of a funk. I'm still feeling really in between as far as my pregnant body goes. And after reading a post on Alana's blog (, no I still can't get the HTML right, sorry) about ceramic flat irons, a light bulb went off. I too love the ceramic flat iron and how it changed my life. I've never known what on earth to do with my hair. It never made up it's mind on whether or not to be curly or straight, or even a kind of wavy that I could work with. And it is thick, very thick, no shortage of hair on this head. One hairstylist I had said I had more hair than God. So like many gals in the 90's, I learned the painstaking task of round brushing. You would sit in front of the mirror for about an hour with a blowdrier and a round, poky toothed, brush. I remember sweating, arms shaking from fatigue, all to achieve the Rachel look. And sometimes it looked OK, but most of the time looked like a girl with wavy hair trying to get the Rachel look. And then one day a glorious gift was bestowed upon me. The ceramic flat iron. It was the first time in my life I could go to bed with wet hair, without the nightmare of an unmanageable rat's nest in the morning. I could simply roll out of bed, turn on the flat iron, and in minutes, have the straight hair I had always dreamed of.

And last week, my flat iron broke. It stopped heating, and there was nothing I could do. I was halfway done, in the middle of straightening my hair before church, and I couldn't bring it back to life. I haven't been the same ever since. I'm grumpy, and why bother with makeup and nice clothes if my hair just looks like a dried up mop? I'm waiting for Jason to say, "You've really let yourself go." So here I am, no make up, and frizzy-haired. Trust me, it's worst in person. Just ask my husband.

I'm not really one to go run out and get a makeover because I'm feeling blue, but this look is doing nothing for me. My new name is Frumpy McFrumpster. And yes, I've worn this black sweater all week. Somebody help me. Send a ceramic flat iron, and my dignity back! ;)

There is hope though. I got one of those 20% off coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond and they have the one I want there. And although money is tight and Christmas is approaching, I think maybe, just maybe, Jason will support me in replacing the flat iron before Christmas, so I can enjoy the season, and not be the grumpy troll everywhere we go, sapping every ounce of joy from every occasion.


Blogger Michelle said...

I can relate! I LOVE my flat iron! Unfortunately for me, my hair is neither straight, nor curly, nor wavy- it is just yucky. I can't go out of the house if I let me hair dry naturally; it is horrifying :)

I used to have an extra flat iron and gave it to a friend. I wish I still had it because I would mail it your way. Good luck!

(BTW- You still look beautiful!)

1:03 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

Did you already get one? You didn't mention it this morning when we spokel

7:03 PM  

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