Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yes, a poop I am.

Every night Jason and I take turns reading a chapter of The Way of the Aescetics.

I already had an idea that I was a selfish piece of poop, but this confirms it. I'm totally ready to hear it though. It's OK. I've read so much self-esteem nonsense from Christian books, that this is a truly refreshing read. From Scripture, you get the sense Jesus was never one to pat egos.

Another book I've picked up is Schmemman's For the Life of the World. I was reluctant to read it, and I had no idea where he was going in the beginning, talking about food, but I pressed on, and it is excellent. I finally feel like I am getting it, in regards to the Sacraments, the importance of the Eucharist, and a Eucharistic life. Wow, wow, wow.

When I look back at my Christian "walk" in the past, I can see I was always right at the surface, unaware of the depth that was intended. I really thought communion with God was just me inviting Him into my life, but it should be me, embracing the opportunity to join Him into His presence, into His heavenly realm. And I can only do that by letting go of the sin that entangles me, holding me down into utter selfishness.

And it's weird, but I had always thought this type of faith would make me full of guilt, making me miss God's grace. But it doesn't. It's just rejoicing in the truth. And the truth is sometimes ugly and difficult to accept. But it does indeed set one free.


Blogger Thomas said...

Reading this almost put me to tears... If I wasn't a manly man. Both books are amazing! I absolutely love Father Schmemann! As for The Way of the Ascetics! OUCH! I am still getting through this book and it hurts every chapter I read. It makes me feel like I'm hopeless, but I know that through Christ and His Church, we can do as He commanded. Keep striving on Simpsons!

PS: It sounds like you're way ahead of me in this "walk" =D

7:20 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Great post!

I haven't read the Ascetics book, but we have read Schmemann's book. I loved it. I think that my favorite "Orthodox" book that I have read thus far is still At the Corner of East and Now. I found that book to be so easy to read and yet really informative. You should read it if you haven't yet.

2:42 PM  

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