Monday, January 15, 2007

Who's playing the role of "drunk, dancing fool guy" at this wedding?

I went to two beautiful weddings this weekend, as I've mentioned before. And I will post pictures soon, but I'm too lazy to do that today (I'm recuperating). But for some reason, Jason and I always end up being seated closely to to the loud guy who drinks too much at weddings, embarassing his girlfriend and dancing like a maniac, and I just have to share. Having made a fool out myself for drinking too much in the past, I don't mind sitting next to drunk people, in fact I find it quite entertaining. Brings back the memories, and the gratefulness that I'm not in that place anymore.

My best friend had a very fancy wedding, and the reception was at the Summit House in Fullerton, CA, which is a distinguished restaurant on a hill, known for gourmet food. Jason and I had the fish dinner, while our jovial neighbor dug into his cornished hen. He, apparently wasn't aware that this was a fancy place, with knife and fork in both hands, and with a mouth full of wild rice and mushroom sauce said to me in all sincerity, "Who the F--- likes this sh--? No one likes cornished game hen. And this was probably $50 a plate. Sh--! At my wedding - it's tacos. Everyone likes tacos. We'll get a taco guy and for a 1000 bucks, feed everyone, and fork out another $1000 to buy cervezas for everyone too." I smiled and nodded. Jason and I shared a little chuckle and knowing look, like, yup, here's this wedding's drunk, dancing fool guy.

A few vodka and redbulls later, and just after the cake was served, he was on the dance floor with a spoon and a plate of cake waving around in his arms. He later returned, complained some more about the food, and how he was going to have a taco guy, enchiladas, and sashimi. I said, "Sashimi? That's kind of expensive isn't it?" He replied, "But sashimi is good." I agreed. His girlfriend took him home shortly after that.


Blogger Xenia Kathryn said...

You make me laugh, Lauren! I love this post. Thanks to your great description, I have a clear picture of what exactly this guy was like.

Thanks for your most recent comment too! I very much "fell" into AP like you did... I really wasn't expecting it, but I too believe it works for my caring yet lazy approach to motherhood :D hehe.

11:19 PM  

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