Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wedding #1 - Jessica and Mark

Here are some shots of the girls getting ready in the hotel room:

The Bride Jessica getting all "done up" in the make up artist's chair. My old friend from highschool "Lil' Jen and yes, that is myself on the right with more makeup than I have ever worn in my life. We were pretending to be glamour girls. It was fun!

The beautiful bride, ready to go to the church!

The reception - the obligatory garter scene. And here are the three best friends since sophomore year of high shcool on the right. We are still a bunch of goofballs.

I could smack myself for not getting a picture of Jason and I. We are both so lousy at taking pictures. But we had a great time. Weddings are the only time I can get Jason to dance with me, so I took full advantage of it. I shook my booty and belly all night, well at least until 9:30, when I realized I was a whole half hour up past my bed time and would soon turn into a pumpkin. I also missed Hannah terribly sinced I was gone all day and the night before spending the night at the hotel with the bridesmaids and bride. The bride and groom are now in St. Thomas enjoying their honeymoon. Many Years to them!


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