Friday, April 13, 2007

A Doula!

Yesterday a doula named Cindy came over to our house for us to meet with her and see if we want to hire her for our birth. She is very recommended, and has attended over 60 births in the last several years. Jason and I both liked her right away, and she was super supportive about my VBAC and get this: Not only is she a highly trained, licensed labor assistant, she is a licensed MASSAGE THERAPIST. I joked that I might be calling her a few times "accidentally" for false labor just so I could get a good back rub. He he.

This is just one more thing that is helping me feel much more prepared and emotionally stable about my upcoming birth. I'm also excited that my midwife at Kaiser agreed to extend the amount of time I am given after my due date until they schedule a repeat cesarean. Kaiser doesn't induce VBACs due to the scar and increased risk of uterine rupture (be it so minuscule that it is, I actually agree with their policy since inductions and all their lovely drugs can hyper stimulate the uterus, thus agitating the scar) so that was another small victory for me. Their policy is to only give a week after the estimated due date, but I bargained as tactfully as I could to please have that time frame extended since two weeks is still considered normal. My midwife was amazingly cool about it and said she would let my doctor know my wishes and that I would just have to take some non stress tests. Fine with me! Much rather do that than hobble, defeated onto the operating table simply because I didn't fit into the hospital's arbitrary time frame. So, wow, sometimes you just have to ask!

So anyway, I'm feeling empowered and less like a victim. I must say this experience has been an invaluable exercise in research, assertiveness, and getting needs met without being whiny and rude. I've even forgiven my first OB. I think some women never do this and continue on with bitterness. But I understand why he did what he did and I don't think the way he practices obstetrics is intended to hurt women at all. He just has to practice with the least liability possible, and that often means birthing babies surgically. He also has to take on way too many patients to pay for his soaring malpractice insurance costs, which means he has to schedule births in order to have any sort of life. I understand now, and I forgive.


Blogger annie said...

Wonderful news!! I had a drug free birth at a Kaiser and was really impressed at how willing they were to work with me. When they heard I had taken Bradley classes they gave me a nurse who was on a duty that had a bradley birth herself. I am so glad they are helping you not hindering you from the birth you want and it sounds like you and Jason are doing a great job in preparing yourselves for thlis birth. Now go schedule a massage, you lucky girl!

2:33 PM  
Blogger Bluecanopy said...

I've heard great things about Kaiser too. In fact a few of the staff in my midwife's office work there as well as speak VERY highly of the Kaiser midwives. That is great to hear she is working with you and listening to you. Sounds like she'll be great at the birth. I didn't know those facts about induction increasing VBAC scar ruptures...interesting.

...And a doula. You're set. Go get em.

11:16 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

That's awesome, Lauren! I also had a doula for my first. She was awesome, but a bit to anti-medical.

So, when my little bundle of joy still hadn't arrived on day 14 after he was due, she still wanted me to wait.

I am sorry I waited and didn't get induced earlier. He was a 10 pounder...and I had him vaginally.

If I would have listened to my M.D., I would have been induced a week or so earlier. (my doc was recommending sooner than later, since my belly was so big...)

The good news's all in God's hands anyway! Everything happens for a reason...


7:02 PM  

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