Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Anytime, Fall...

I'm tired of sweating. I'm tired of making Hannah get into a hot car and car seat. Summer has worn out her welcome.

I used to be a summer girl. Couldn't wait for the long days, beach trips, being tan, those balmy nights that have no need for a sweater.

I'm not really sure when that all changed. Maybe contempt for the summer began when I no longer went to school and had to work year round and it turned into nothing more than an uncomfortable commute home. I'm positive that my husband has something to do with it. He loves nothing more than cold, gloomy weather. When others get depressed with the shorter days and longer night, he is like a kid on Christmas. Anyhow, it's rubbed off on me and now I am begging for the Fall to come.

Pumpkins, sweaters, candles, baking, blankets, socks, saying the word "crisp", Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving, sweet potatos, cool walks under the trees, tea....

Oh I can go on!

Too bad the Fall doesnt start here until November.


Blogger Thomas Ham said...

amen sister. i hate the summer!

12:04 PM  

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