Thursday, August 10, 2006

I hate my carpet.

My carpet is filthy. We have a tiny little shoe box house which I am learning to love, and I have noticed that small places clutter up and get dirty fast. When you walk through the door you are in the heart of our house. The carpet, the couch, the tv, they're all there. The kitchen is to the immediate left and I won't get into the linoleum I despise. But the carpet, oh the carpet. It is a light berberish type and it really wasn't horrible when we moved in. I don't know what happened, well I suppose I do know what happened. I have a Hannah, and a husband. I have a husband who likes to set his IPA on the floor next to the sofa and a Hannah who loves to knock it over. Yeah, beer doesn't smell too great when it satturates carpet. There is a plethora of other stains accompanying the various beer stains. Lets see, we've got the old stand by's - milk, juice, a little pee when someone decided she did'nt want to wear her diaper, different types of food, we also so have water stains. Yes, did you know water stains? Apparently the water, when not dried quickly will pick up dirt from ones shoe or perhaps a dog's paw, and there you have a new stain. I'm at the point that I've stopped caring. Something is spilt and I simply dab it with a towel and move on with my life. I guess that's a positive.

Anyway, I know I'm supposed to be thankful that I have carpet and a house and blah blah blah. And yeah, I am. But I haven't told you about the deck in the back yard that is being built. Jason is amazingly talented and has a vision for this house, God bless him. One of the upsides of buying an old shoe box for a house is that it comes with a decent sized lot. I would have been fine just cleaning up the back a bit and doing some basic landscaping and would have rather focused the rest of our time, money, and energy into the house itself, such as oh, I don't know, new flooring. Maybe new windows, a bathroom remodel. Jason explained that floors should be the last thing to be done as they could be damaged during other remodels. Well fine. So in the meantime he is building this ginormous deck outside. It's big. It will be beautiful. I love it. I still hate my carpet and I am jealous as all hell that he gets to do his project first. How six years old am I?

And everyone I know seems to have these big beautiful houses with all new everything. Sometimes my evil human side gets to me and I want it all and I want it now. I am praying for contentment. I need to find friends with small houses and bad carpet. Why does knowing someone with the same condition make me feel better?

Anyway, today Hannah and I are going to try to get out of the house. We've kind of been couped up. I'm trying to not spend money so I've been avoiding going shopping and our friends have been on vacation. Everyone seems to have such busy summers. We are having pizza tonight with a couple we have Bible Study with so I don't have to worry about making dinner tonight. Praise the Lord!


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