Wednesday, August 09, 2006


A converstation I just had with my daughter.

Hannah: Deat!

Me: You want to eat?

Hannah: Deat!

Me: Do you want a sandwich?

Hannah: Noooo.

Me: A quesadilla?

Hannah: No! (about to cry)

Me: Well Hannah, I don't know what you want. How 'bout a cracker?

Hannah: NOOOO! (Now crying and throwing a tantrum. She is pointing to the kitchen)

We go to the kitchen, she points to the fridge. Open the fridge and she throws herself in the direction of the pickle jar.

Me: Oh, you would like a pickle?

Hannah: (still sobbing) Yeeeaaah.

There is peace once again in the house. While she chomps on the pickle she picks up The Hot Chick DVD and hands it to me.


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