Monday, December 03, 2007

VBAC Facts!

I stumbled upon a fantastic website that an acquaintance of mine has put together. If you are into birth, or just doing some research for yourself, this site is loaded with good stuff - not just VBAC stuff. So head over...The latest thing that J has posted is a montage that some women from ICAN have put together. It features women who were given cesareans for CPD (cephalopelvic disproportion - meaning the woman's pelvis is too small for their babies) but then went on to have normal vaginal births, many of them at home (HBAC) and gave birth to babies even bigger than their first children. So much for their pelvises being too small!

Her site also has her wonderful HBAC story which is fresh in her mind...her baby is just a couple of weeks old - and soooo cute.


Blogger Jamie said...

I sent this out to my MOMS club. Hopefully someone travels over.

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