Saturday, December 08, 2007

Presents are now under the tree.

I spent the morning wrapping gifts, and I think this is the earliest in the Christmas season I have ever done so. Just about every year I go out and buy a bunch of pretty and new wrapping paper and coordinating bows and tags and then spend all Christmas Eve day cursing myself for my pathological procrastination. I thought back to all the leftover rolls of Christmas Wrapping Paper Past and got to work this morning. My presents look ugly but I don't care. One less thing to worry about. I'm busy enough dealing with poop.

We ended our diapering service with the beloved Dy-Dee Diaper Company. I have bought our own diapers (for James, of course) , and a friend has lent me few of hers to get me started. I was very nervous about this giant leap into crunchiness because, well, dealing with poop is not very glamorous. With the diaper service, I could just throw whatever James dealt me right into the pail, and every week I tossed them outside for the delivery man to pick them up leaving me a beautiful fresh batch. There was no swishing diapers in the toilet. There was no trick to washing them. It was wonderful. It was a bit pricey though. And being my family's economist I thought, I can do it myself! I wash laundry every day anyway! My baby is so chubby, some trim new diapers would be great, so he could actually wear a pair of jeans sometimes. After much agonizing on what to buy from the incredibly vast selection of the cloth diapering world, I settled on some Fuzzi Bunz, which are fabulous. I wish I had all Fuzzi Bunz.

A friend warned me, however, that this stage of James' life, could be somewhat problematic and challenging as far as washing dipes, since he's just now regularly eating solids and well, his poos are starting to turn into a lovely peanut butter texture that neither washes out easily nor can simply be dropped into the toilet *kerplunk*. So, my dear readers, I've had to do some swishing in the toilet. Not. Fun. And I'm kind of kicking myself for not forking out the dough to buy a poo sprayer off thingy, which attaches to the toilet:

Anyway, the washing itself isn't bad at all. I do laundry every day anyway, what's one more load here and there? I really cannot rave enough about the Fuzzi Bunz. They wash beautifully, and do the job well.
In other news, we went to a fun little party last night, in which we participated in a bad ornament contest. Our ornament took second, and I'm hoping some one will send me some pictures, because I could not begin to describe the vileness of our ornament, or the audacity some one had to even think of designing it, let alone making it, and then distributing it out to the masses to consume at JC Penny, to showcase it on their trees.
I hope you are all enjoying Advent.


Blogger annie said...

I think I must have been reading your blog while you were checking mine out.
Your cloth diaper rave has once again got me interested in the whole cloth business. I have always been on the verge of ordering but am a bit intimidated by the laundry issue ( I am bad about it as it is) and intimidated by the variety of diapers out there. Where do I begin. Anyways, you've got me thinking about it again and maybe with the new year I will take that step.
Love the rain refreshing!

8:02 PM  

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