Sunday, October 01, 2006

"C" Food

Last night we were going out to dinner (a special treat for us) and we debated on a couple places. I kind of had a hankering for Red Lobster for some sea food. Jason felt like having something else so we were looking through our local phone book for some ideas.

We both agreed to check out this little Chinese place just a couple of blocks away. We always see it and have wondered abouut for a while. It's been there for years and years and considered a historic site on the "thoroughfare" of the city we live in. We got there and parking is in the rear so we entered from the back and walked past the kitchen. It kind of stunk in there and the little glimpse I had of the kitchen was not quite favorable. We walked into the dining area and the smell got a little bit better. As we got to the area where it says "Please Wait to be Seated," we were a little more encouraged by what looked like a lot of people in the dining area enjoying their meals, but whatever confidence that brought us, it was immediately deflated by what I saw next. On the wall, posted prominantly was the grade the restaraunt was given by the health department. A is great, excellent. B is not so great, eat only if starving. C is basically unheard of and should be avoided at all costs. This place had a C. I elbowed Jason so he could see it and we both looked at each other, scooped up our daughter and fled like we were about to be attacked by giant cockroaches.

So much for bringing business to the mom and pop shops in town.


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