Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Shower Power

I'm not the best housekeeper. No actually, I should say I'm a pretty lousy housekeeper. I've been working on my skills though. Since I've been pregnant, I feel that I need to get the house in better order. This house is already tiny, and if there is going to be another little person in it, I should try to streamline some things. It's been on my mind a lot, but it's hard for me to take action - yes I procrastinate. I've been an A+ procrastinator since elementary school. So anyway, last week I was not feeling very well, I think I caught a bug at the county fair. Well one morning, I was wallowing in my I-don't-feel-good-so-I'm-not-doing-anythingness, when the phone rang. It was my mother. She asked me what kind of muffin I wanted. I really didn't want any muffin at all and I asked her what she meaned because she works a full time job and doesn't normally drop by any old day. She said she was coming to help me.

I could take this information in two ways:

1. Be defensive. Why whould I need any help? I don't need any help. She's not the boss of me. I have big plans today. (This is how I would normally react, little pride issue here.)

2. Shut up and take the help with glee.

I did the second. We did laundry, we got the second bedroom a cute cubby shelf thing and filled it up with Hannah's toys, went through her drawers and got rid of stuff, refolded everything in her wardrobe, and even did a Costco run. It was great. It was the equivalent of losing 10 lbs. Thank you mom.

One thing we didn't get to, however, was the shower in the one bathroom of the house. It's been a disaster since we moved in over a year ago. The previous owners had reglazed the tub, and instructed us to only use a product like Fantastik which they left for us. Well, let me tell, you that stuff does not work. Maybe it works for a small job, but I had soap scum rallying against me. I could scrub, scrub, scrub and that shower refused to become shiny. It was depressing. So I tried some different products. I can tend to be a bit granola when it comes to cleaning products. I read this book about how all these cleaning supplies are making us sick, so I'm kind of simple green kind of girl. Or vinegar, and the likes. But nothing worked. Well, my mom had left me some Shower Power and Kaboom! when we had moved in. I never used it because of the harshness of these products and I was not allowed to anyway, since the tub was reglazed. But I was desperate. It felt disobedient, but I didn't care if I scratched up that tub. I couldn't take it any more. First I tried the Kaboom!. It was OK. I started to see what was beneath the layers of scum. So I rinsed it off and got the big guns. I sprayed that Shower Power like it was the last thing I was meant to do on earth. All the grime wiped up effortlessly. It was beautiful. My shower is now a shining beacon of hope.


Blogger ETownDZ said...

There's something so satisfying about a noticeably cleaner surface, isn't there?

Good luck on your spiritual journey. I recently converted to Judaism, so I have some idea of the questioning and exploring you might be doing, even if we don't end up with the same choice. I think it's really helpful and even liberating to question things we take for granted, even if you come back to the same place after your questioning. At least then you feel more secure in your decisions.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Lauren S. said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Exploring sure does open a can of worms, doesn't it?

4:07 PM  
Blogger sara said...

What great mom you have!!!

1:15 PM  

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