Monday, February 04, 2008

They still have lead paint, but...

A first time mom of a one year old was telling me how she was flooded with obnoxious, battery powered toys for her daughter, and asked me how I coped with it. You know, the ringing, repetative beeps and counting and high pitched, nasally singing that make Mary Poppins sound like an alto. I don't even remember what I told her but just now I thought of it again because we have all those toys out again from Hannah's first birthday the second time around for the use of the little guy. And they're not bothering me at all. In fact, Hannah even plays with them again, but instead of them going "1, 2, 3, LA LA LA LA," at her, she is using her imagination. And James doesn't seem to know there is anything missing at all. The batteries have run out of juice and they will not be replaced. I think I'll have to tell the other mom my little secret.

Disclaimer: I like presents, they are nice and thoughtful. It's just that 10 loud learning toys are a little over stimulating for everyone. :)


Blogger jenny baker said...

i remember when i was younger i loved coloring books more than anything. loud toys were cool, but coloring books were so great because every page was different and i loved to check out every page and color them all different.

they don't beep, but still can teach you the ABCs. :)

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