Monday, February 09, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Feb 9

A few food revelations as of late:

Shopping with James is a horrific experience. I HATE taking him to the store. I strap him in the cart and he manages to still stand up in his seat. He screams when he doesn't get let out to traipse around the store so I look like THAT mom with the uncontrollable kids. Even the fun car carts get old for him really quick. Or some brother and sister quarrelling goes on. So if I can't go by myself or only take Hannah, I'm trying to cut down on shopping trips altogether. A trip to Albertsons, then to Trader Joes the next day, or the healthfood store the next just isn't working. Buying bulk from Azure Standard has helped, but I still have to go to the store at least once a week. So I've been diligently planning meals and buying more food than I'd like to in one trip a week, but it has been working much better and has been saving me money. So mainly I go to an Albertsons that is a little further from my house but is much nicer and has a heck of a lot more organic foods and fresher produce. I've found I can buy pretty much everything I need there, although I sometimes get sticker shock. For instance our favorite lenten butter spread which I normally bought at TJ's for under $4, is actually $8 (can you believe that?) at Albertsons. But it's just one store that I have to drive to, and a lot of the other food is much cheaper.

So here's this weeks (FAST-FREE...Woohoo!) menu:
(The week following the Sunday of the Pharisee and the Publican is always Fast-Free)

B: buckwheet pancakes and bananas
L: Friday's leftover pasta and marinara doctored up with some asiago and feta cheese. Oranges.
D: Italian pot roast

B: egg and cheese sandwiches, oj, apples
L: pot roast l/o
D: Sunday's l/o chicken tortilla soup

B: oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, butter, and cream
L: turkey and provolone sandwiches, carrot sticks
D: shells and cheese with turkey kielbasa, green salad

B: yogurt and berries, toast
L: whatever leftovers we have l/o!
D: machaca - egg and shredded beef scramble (I'm sure we will still have some roast left) and tortillas, green salad

B: smoothies and toast
go shopping!

Of course, this is all up in the air, because I could give birth to the new little pooper any day now. I'm just trying to play it cool and be "business as usual" around here so I don't get too nutty.


Blogger elizabeth said...

Sounds like a wonderful menu! Lord be with you as you wait for this little one!

5:06 PM  
Blogger tifandtheboys said...

Azure Standard- you are so Oregonian. Everyone uses them here (at least among the SL clan) People use them so much that the driver has to combine stops or he would never get finished!
so, I just found out about your pregnancy ( via your blog in Jan.) and I am working on a gift- but half of it depends on whether it is a boy or girl- but once the birth of this angel happens- could you blog ASAP, because I would hate to miss the blessing event.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Thomas Ham said...

Maria and I are praying that your labor goes smoothly! We can't wait to see the new little Simpson!

PS: Yes, Lauren went into early labor this morning.

12:42 PM  
Blogger The Clearys said...

Hahaha, I have THAT kid too...I swore I would never bring my two-year old in public again!! Guess that's what cookies and juice are for :) :)

12:18 PM  

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